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Rituals and wishes to attract good luck in the Year 2023

Rituales y deseos para atraer la buena suerte en el Año 2023

Omar Hejeile |

New Year's Wishes

Each beginning of the year is a new opportunity to attract luck and fortune, make projects, desires, wishes, chimeras and illusions come true.

It must be taken into account that, in the world of magic, there are wishes, probable, improbable, difficult and, some, unattainable.

It is also important to keep in mind that, if you perform a ritual, omen or wish, before midnight, what you ask for will never be done, a second later, when the new year arrives, your wish or ritual will be from last year.

For that there are twelve days or cabañuelas, within those you can make wishes or do rituals that are already within the "New Year".

The three lucks, these are the fundamental ones, Health, Money and Love, you can ask for all three if you know the elements that you must have.

* For wealth, champagne, seeds, ears of wheat, coins or pennies, at the beginning of the first of January a penny is taken and it is said "Here I bury my poverty"

There are several rituals of great power , for the wishes to have, if you want to know them and how you can do them, in the comment box you must write for which wish you would like a ritual.

According to the luck you want to attract, on December 31 we will publish the rituals of the cabañuelas, so for 12 days you can do them at home.

Anyway, on December 30 we will tell you about a ritual that you must perform at midnight, but this will be sent to your email which you must add in the SUBSCRIPTION box .

But in magic there is a condition, something for something, you want magic to do well in 2023, so that magic has compensation and multiplication reaches your life, we are going to use the power of 3, the triad, magic , share the link of this page to three people, so many benefit from the power.

Tomorrow at noon a powerful ritual will arrive in your mailbox for your wishes to be carried out, just as throughout the year some rituals will arrive free of charge in your mailbox, which can undoubtedly help you.

In the SUBSCRIBE box, your mail must leave, this opportunity closes at midnight tonight.

Remember the ritual is only for you by the right of magic, if you copy it, pass it on, give it to another person, what you want will be for the other person and not for you.


Gracias omitar mi vida cambio.muxhas gracias.que que este nuevo año es para guerrearla.usted hace que despierne nuestra energia muchas gracias gracias gracias.

Jenila Lozano,

Deseo amor , respeto y caridad con los animalitos desamparados, salud y prosperidad.

Patricia Hernandez ,

Mi deseo es que tengan buena ventura en lo que se realicen todo en lo que quieran mucha suerte

Teresa Segundo Valdez,

Omar deseo enormemente felicidad amor salud y mi casa muchas gracias

Juan De La Cruz Rosas Bolaños ,




Fanny ,

Mi deseo es sabiduría, salud amor, suerte y prosperidad

Viviana Muñoz ,

Omar gracias por compartir tu sabiduría con nosotros y mil gracias a tu grupo de trabajo

Viviana ,

Mi deseo es poder tener sabiduría, prosperidad y trabajo, así como pasa y tranquilidad para este 2023

Damián Marín Ramírez ,

Mi deseo es las tres suertes, abundancia, riqueza, prosperidad en cada área de mi vida.

Madeline V.T.,

Mis deseos son salud, dinero para toda mi familia y allegados

Liliana Ramírez Garcia ,

Mis deseos son salud, dinero para toda mi familia y allegados

Liliana Ramírez Garcia ,

Salud, Prosperidad y abundancia y amor

Ana Bedoya,

Gracias .😍deseo. Sabiduría. Y Salud 🥂


Para todo aquel que necesite incluida mi persona, que llegue la sabiduría que trae paz mental, salud en todo aspecto y amor, sobre todo el amor propio.
Así sea y así es.

Ana Elena Poppe,

Tener mi residensia😊


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