Predictions Year of the Rabbit 2023

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Year of the Water Rabbit, Year 4721 in China, a number that will give you luck throughout 2023, play it combined, let your instinct tell you when.

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Under the night of New Moon, the year of the rabbit begins, it will undoubtedly bring changes to the world. Time of friendship, prosperity, luck, rabbits only appear in times of harvest and abundance.

For this to happen, a season of scarcity must precede, the first months of the year will have difficulties, towards the full moon in June, everything begins to change.

The homes that meet the TAI, harmony and peace, you will have the fortune with them, the unstable homes end.

For those born in; 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, 2023, are the year of the Rabbit, regardless of the element, fire, earth, metal, wood and water, this year is the water rabbit, symbol of the kindness, humanitarianism, help, protection, friendship, multiplication.

Rabbit Year Predictions

The year of the rabbit will bring care, vigilance, new friendships (ET) but, the representation of the Dark Warrior is the same, either for progress or for submission, only in May will it be known what the Black Turtle of the god of water brings Either one will affect the Year of the Rabbit with a wealth of wisdom.

It should be taken into account that the presence of the rabbit, as an aquatic being, has the meaning of:

  • Put out the fire (Wars and authoritarianism)
  • Feeding the land, harvests, discoveries, improvements, progress and strong political changes around the world.
  • Soften wood, shape society, strong social changes, governments in crisis, death of politicians.
  • Temper metals, steel is formed only with water, laws, armies, discipline, controls on society, authoritarianism, union of peoples, imposed dogmas disappear.

The year of the rabbit will be intense, it will affect all people, to a greater or lesser extent, the third sign rabbit is in a position to appease the strength of the Tiger against the power of the Wood Dragon.

Which will be the next year 2024, is fed by the water rabbit, society is empowered, the kingdoms fall, the rabbit will be the cause.
The female uprising will take place between the year of the rabbit and the year of the dragon.

So you should not only see the year of the rabbit, it will create very strong ties between the two gods Qing Long, The Blue Dragon of wood and Xuan Wum, the Black Tortoise that governs the Water rabbit.

During the year we will be commenting on the deep knowledge of Chinese culture and how it affects the rest of the world.

In Wicca We are delivering the Ritual of the Year of the Rabbit, which can be done on any day during the spring.

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