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Lunar influence for this week: how will it affect your emotions and decisions?

Influencia lunar para esta semana: ¿Cómo afectará tus emociones y decisiones?

Omar Hejeile |

The week begins, before the new moon, the ideal time to prune, change, transform and restart is presented.

Although situations tend to stabilize, mood changes must be taken into account, especially if the menstruation occurs during the weekend.
One of the best rituals for this early spring time consists of moving household objects, furniture, paintings, decorations, etc., allowing energy to flow in another way.

In the same way, it must be applied in the attitude, modify mental states, get away from people who make you uncomfortable, avoid those who upset you, take a break in the networks, etc.

It is the time to start a sports and diet program, spending time and beauty, good moon to cut hair, fast, detoxify the body.

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